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Hydromax® Hydromax® specialty hydrotropes are used as solubilisers, wetting agents and detergents in low to medium alkalinity systems.
JEFFADD® MW Range of inherently low foaming amines which can be formulated into metal working fluids to provide pH buffering and a source of alkalinity
JEFFAMINE® Polyetheramines JEFFAMINE® Polyetheramines are an extremely versatile product range used primarily in epoxy systems. Mainly used to increase flexibility, toughness, hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity (depending on the product used), they also offer various reactivities, good temperature stabilities, are essentially colourless and have a low viscosity.
JEFFCAT® Catalysts JEFFCAT® catalysts are used for a wide range of urethane applications including manufacture of polyether and polyester foams, elastomers, coatings, urethane plastics and adhesives.
JEFFLINK® 136 Diamine Slower reaction amine chain extender for UV stable, aliphatic polyurea systems for coatings, adhesives and sealants used to replace traditional secondary aromatic diamines.
JEFFOX® JEFFOX® range are primarily used as an effective water soluble defoamer for concrete, also in metalworking applications as an excellent lubricant under high pressure suitable for formulating into metalworking fluids. JEFFOX® can be used as a lubricant on its own or as an additive in water-based metalworking fluids
JEFFSOL® Carbonates JEFFSOL® carbonates can be used as “safe” and environmentally friendly solvents thus replacing hazardous and highly volatile solvents like methylene chloride, acetone and aromatic solvents.
Kester Wax Can be used in CASE, Home Care I&I, Metalwork and Lubricant applications as an industrial wax. Koster Keunen waxes can provide products with excellent aesthetic, block and slip properties as well as improved water, oil and abrasion resistance.

Included in the range are beeswaxes (natural and synthetic) and a vegetable wax. Also has personal care applications.
Maxhib® Maxhib® corrosion inhibitors can be used for ferrous, aluminium, galvanised metals and copper systems.
Maxlube® Maxlube® additives are a range of water and oil soluble additives that provide lubricity, anti-wear and extreme pressure (EP) properties to metalworking and metal forming products.
Maxomer® Maxomer® surfactant products offer great lubricating properties and can be used for a wide range of applications, where surfactants are required within the plastics industry.
Maxsperse® Maxsperse® are a range of dispersants offered by PCC Chemax, which provide physical properties such as thermal stability whilst promoting excellent dispersal of pigments.
MICROSERE Microcrystalline Waxes MICROSERE microcrystalline waxes are tougher, more flexible and tend to have higher melting points than paraffin waxes. The fine crystal structure of MICROSERE microcrystalline waxes means the wax can bind to solvents and oils preventing sweating-out.
Morpholine and DIGLYCOLAMINE® Agent Used in the CASE, Metalworking and Homecare markets as an emulsifier and wetting agent; Morpholine also acts as an excellent corrosion inhibitor, especially in steam boiler systems. Has applications within water treatment as it is miscible with water as well as a large range of other organic solvents.

DIGLYCOLAMINE® Agent is a 2-(2-aminoethoxy) ethanol which is used as a foam stabilizer, wetter, emulsifier and an amide in metalworking, personal care and electronics.
Nansa® Nansa® surfactants for industrial applications primarily construction, paints, inks and emulsion polymerisation. Surfactants act as intermediates, essential to creating specialised end-use properties e.g. providing foaming and detergency properties to mortar and plaster.

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