2nd November 2022

Rubber crumb systems have proven to be an efficient, safe, and cost-effective flooring option that can be used for indoor and outdoor needs, as a safer alternative to traditional materials like asphalt, concrete, and wood chips.

Huntsman Polyurethanes offer 3 main grades of MDI for rubber crumb systems:

  • SUPRASEC® 2008 – For soft applications.
  • SUPRASEC® 2535 – Our most popular product for Medium/Soft applications, such as playgrounds.
  • SUPRASEC® 2060 – Produces a hard final product for flooring, anti-vibration and loading applications.

These three grades can be blended in any way to form a final product to suit your specific application.

Typical loading levels are 8-30%. For a finer rubber, higher loading levels of MDI are required, but for a larger crumb, less MDI is needed. Applied on warm days, the reaction/cross-linking is initiated by spraying water onto the surface.