8th November 2021

Combining excellent corrosion protection with improved environmental credentials, NOVINOX® ACE20 is a new alternative to Zinc Phosphate which exhibits a wide range of compatibility with solvent and water based resins.

NOVINOX® ACE20, a modified Zinc phosphate, is an environmentally friendly corrosion inhibiting pigment, suitable for a wide range of applications, from DIY to more demanding uses such as coil coatings. It is a stable, easily dispersible, and non-hygroscopic white powder with a low tinting strength.

Designed to be non-toxic for the environment, NOVINOX® ACE20 is not subject to restrictions for transportation, or storage limitations. The replacement of Zinc phosphate by NOVINOX® ACE20 in formulations is straightforward and unlike Zinc-free alternatives, there is no sacrifice in performance or versatility to avoid transport and storage restrictions.


NOVINOX® from SNCZ is a range of high performance cost effective anti-corrosive pigments offered to the paint and coatings industry. The NOVINOX® range includes activated phosphates, alkaline earth phosphates and polyphosphates.

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