7th June 2022

Introducing CODIS™ 95 and CODIS™ Bio: Cost-effective neutralizing agents and co-dispersants for coatings, lacquers, adhesives and inks.

CODIS™ 95 is an effective co-dispersant for pigments and contributes to pH stability in water-borne coatings, exhibiting high gloss, good water resistance and anti-corrosion properties.

Free of environmental hazard labels and with low odour and VOC content, CODIS™ 95 is an excellent replacement for AMP-95 or Ammonia. CODIS™ 95 has:

  • Non-yellowing properties
  • Enhanced wet-scrub resistance
  • Very good emulsifying properties
  • Over 40% renewable content

For Ecolabel certified paints CODIS™ BIO offers a solution that is:

  • Odour-free
  • Not contributing to VOC/SVOC
  • Without hazardous labelling
  • Over 75% based on renewable sources
  • Over 75% biodegradable