22nd April 2024

DEHSCOFIX® RR140 from Innospec is a clear choice for customers seeking an intelligent rust removal solution.

DEHSCOFIX® RR140 is an aqueous solution of (S,S) ethylenediamine-N,N'-disuccinic acid (EDDS). As a metal chelating agent, it has many useful properties, which lead many to prefer its use over other chelants such as EDTA:

  • Extreme selectivity for transition metals, such as copper and iron
  • Suitable for hard water conditions
  • Effectivity at mild pH and low concentrations
  • Avoids hydrogen embrittlement of the metal
  • Readily biodegradable status
  • Enables use in soil remediation

The absence of hazardous co-products and impurities associated with the production of EDTA provide further advantages for using DEHSCOFIX® RR140.

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