7th March 2022

Boost the properties of your plaster and mortar with Innospec air-entraining agents. Produce a lighter, more durable and more insulating final product, while working with mortar and plaster slurries with improved flow properties.

NANSA® and EMPICOL® surfactants lower surface tension in aqueous media by adsorption at the interface, providing:

  • Better mortar workability
  • Improved anti-shrinkage properties
  • Increased water retention
  • Greater frost resistance
  • Better sag resistance

Innospec's EMPICOL® range offers fast foam generation and high foam stability with evenly distributed air voids in plasters.

NANSA® LSS495/H delivers better overall performance than traditional sodium lauryl sulphates. It is not sensitive to calcium salts. It is also non-hygroscopic and enables faster wetting of solid particles in the dry admixture. It is very efficient at producing controllable, strong and stable micro foam which in turn leads to enhanced mortar and plaster workability over time.

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