16th June 2022

Rianlon's NEW U-pack® W grades are ideal for use in waterborne coatings, such as Acrylic or PU emulsions, Unlike traditional light stabilisers these grades offer good dispersibility in water, while improving weather resistance of the coating.

Ultraviolet light absorbers (UVAs) work by absorbing UV radiation, usually within the 290 - 350 nm wavelength and then dissipating this as thermal energy.

U-pack® UV-7750W is a liquid UV absorber which in water-based coatings effectively reduces:

  • gloss reduction
  • colour change
  • delamination
  • other types of UV damage

Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers (HALS) do not absorb UV radiation and act as free radical scavengers on the immediate surface of the coating. This occurs via a cyclic process where the HALS stabilise free radicals and are then regenerated.

U-pack® UV-7752W is a liquid HALS which effectively:

  • reduces surface cracking
  • prevents discolouration of coating
  • extends service life

To impart optimum coating protection for industrial and decorative applications, UVAs and HALS can be combined in a blend, such as U-pack® UV-7751W.