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JEFFADD® MW Amines from Huntsman Performance Products Improve pH Stability of Metalworking Fluids

JEFFADD® MW multifunctional speciality amines from Huntsman Performance Products are a range of inherently low foaming amines which can be formulated into metal working fluids to provide pH buffering and a source of alkalinity.
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Alfa Chemicals Chosen to Represent CORONATE® HDI Range from TOSOH in the UK and Ireland

From TOSOH, CORONATE® HXR is a hardener for non-yellowing types…
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Stepan®‘s STEPANPOL® PS-3152 & STEPANPOL® T-327 Offer Excellent Mechanical Features for PU Foams

STEPANPOL® PS-3152 is a diethylene glycol-phthalic anhydride-based polyester polyol, which…
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