Accelerator 400

      Accelerator 400 is used with epoxy hardeners to promote epoxy curing in amine systems. Accelerator 400 can be used with Huntsman JEFFAMINE® Polyetheramine range, but can also be used with most other amines.

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      ACCUMELT® and IGI® 2002A

      ACCUMELT® and IGI® 2002A waxes are used in ink applications as ink additives because they offer: - Narrow molecular weight and sharp melting point - Improved mar resistance - Good release properties - Helps with consistent colour in coloured inks

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      We offer an own-brand range of product solutions for industrial uses such as surfactants in Metalworking, CASE, Home-care and I&I applications under our ALFARES® brand. We can offer customised products to develop the right solution to fit our customer’s brief.

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      Versatile, multi-functional molecules, usually exhibiting higher activity than amines and alcohols. The alkanolamines and their aqueous solutions will absorb carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide at lower temperatures and release the acid gases at higher temperatures. This forms the basis for processes which separate carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from gas streams.

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      Used as accelerators, primarily in the construction industry in applications such as concrete and cement.

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      N-aminopropylmorpholine (APM) is a highly reactive, low viscosity amine that can be used as reactive diluent in epoxy products e.g. coatings and adhesives, depending on the functionality as a chain extender or cross-linking agent in resins and as an accelerator for slower curing amine containing systems.

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      Huntsman APMMEA-WB and APMMEA amine neutralisers provide optimum pH, emulsion stability and enhanced pigment dispersion, have low viscosity and are essentially colourless.

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      The BioWet™ range of biodegradable, non-ionic chemicals are wetting agents used for water-borne or water-based applications. These wetting agents offer reduced static and dynamic surface tensions, some also have FDA compliance for direct and indirect food contact.

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