The Anticor™and Ferrocor™ range of additives protect surfaces from corrosion. Includes anti-corrosives for aluminium, copper, magnesium, brass and ferrous surfaces.



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Ferrocor™ Flash TN

Excellent flash rust inhibitor for ferrous substrates with additional anti-corrosive properties. Effectively prevents flash rust caused by water-based cleaners on iron surfaces or in water-based coatings. Also effective for the passivation of yellow metals e.g. copper and brass. Ferrocor™ Flash TN is water-based, nitrate- and nitrite free and readily biodegradable.

Anticor™ A40

Label-free and biodegradable corrosion inhibitor. Outstanding rust prevention of ferrous substrates in both acidic and alkaline water-based systems. Anticor™ A40 can also be used for direct-to-metal coatings to protect iron-containing substrates from corroding.

Anticor™ AMC 2330

Anti-corrosion additive for aqueous systems which can be easily emulsified. Exhibits low foaming tendencies, excellent anti-staining and anti-corrosion properties for different grades of aluminium surfaces and is not restricted by harder hardness.

  • 107-41-5

Anticor™ RCP

Rust conversion primer. with strong adhesion to metals. Converts rust to an anticorrosive complex to protect against further corrosion.

Anticor™ CBA 63

An anti-corrosion/metal passivating additive for metallic pigments. It protects Copper/Bronze and Aluminium pigments from oxidation. Anticor™ CBA 63 exhibits excellent anti-staining and anti-corrosion properties for different grades of Aluminium pigment surfaces. It controls “pitting” of the metal surface.

Anticor™ PQ

Oil-soluble multi-metal corrosion inhibitor based on phosphate ester technology. For applications including greases, metalworking fluids, oil-based- and water-free systems. Upon neutralization it is also suitable for waterbased systems and coatings.

Anticor™ FA-N

Hydrophobic aluminium corrosion inhibitor with very good (self) emulsifying properties. Can also be used for the protection of Zn, Pb, Sn-surfaces and Cu alloys. Readily biodegradable.