ADD APT offer a variety of wax emulsions based on different waxes like carnauba, paraffin & polyethylene wax. The applications depend on the wax type used. For example, carnauba based wax emulsions are excellent release aids, lubricants and scratch resistance additives, whereas paraffin and polyethylene wax emulsions are used for surface effects and water repellency.




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ADDAPT® WaxMul™ C125

Wax emulsion based on type-1 Carnauba wax, providing excellent scratch resistance, lubrication, release and anti-block properties.

ADDAPT®WaxMul™ C 325

Used for scratch resistance, water repellency and for improving slip and anti-block in paints, inks and polishes (shoe, car).

  • 68131-40-8

ADDAPT® WaxMul™ WM 15

High melting point PE-wax emulsion with excellent resistance to yellowing

ADDAPT® WaxMul™ WM 25

High melting point PE-wax emulsion which provides excellent abrasion resistance and also improves the scrub resistance of paints and inks.

ADDAPT® WaxMul™ WM 35

High melting point PE-wax emulsion which provides very good wet scrub resistance for paint applications.

ADDAPT® WaxMul™ WM 45

High melting point PE-wax emulsion which provides excellent surface hardness and blocking resistance.

ADDAPT®WaxMul™ WM 110

Primarily used in coatings and inks as a matting agent and water repellent.

  • 69011-36-5

ADDAPT® WaxMul™ WM 120

Polyethylene and Paraffin wax blend used in polish applications to provide excellent gloss and water repellent properties