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PCC Chemax

Founded in 1973 PCC Chemax manufacturers specialty surfactant additives for metalworking, metal finishing, plastics and oil field markets aswell as plating additives for metalworking. PCC Chemax are a service oriented company whose research, product development, and laboratory personnel are also available to customers to help develop unique and custom surfactant additives to meet their specific and specialized needs.

PCC Chemax
Product Range Description
Chemal® Chemal® surfactants can be used in a variety of applications including metalworking, metal cleaning and homecare, industrial & institutional (I&I).
Chemax® Chemax® surfactants are used in a many applications including metalworking, plastic, textile and homecare, industrial & institutional (I&I) products. Chemax® NP-6 also has applications within the construction market as an emulsifier, foaming and wetting agent.
Chemeen® Chemeen® fatty amine ethoxylates are mildly cationic surfactants that are used as emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and to provide lubricity primarily to metalworking products and hard surface cleaners.
Chemfac® Chemfac® phosphate esters are used in metalworking products to provide emulsification, rust inhibition and extreme pressure (EP) properties.
Chemstat® Chemstat® are a range of sulphonates which can be used within the CASE and plastics industry, to promote properties such as anti-static and anti-fogging to polymers before processing.
Chemstat® HTSA Chemstat® HTSA are a range of slip agents from PCC Chemax which, when extruded with plastic, provide lubrication along with other physical properties such as scratch resistance and improved melt flow.
Hydromax® Hydromax® specialty hydrotropes are used as solubilisers, wetting agents and detergents in low to medium alkalinity systems.
Maxhib® Maxhib® corrosion inhibitors can be used for ferrous, aluminium, galvanised metals and copper systems.
Maxlube® Maxlube® additives are a range of water and oil soluble additives that provide lubricity, anti-wear and extreme pressure (EP) properties to metalworking and metal forming products.
Maxomer® Maxomer® surfactant products offer great lubricating properties and can be used for a wide range of applications, where surfactants are required within the plastics industry.
Maxsperse® Maxsperse® are a range of dispersants offered by PCC Chemax, which provide physical properties such as thermal stability whilst promoting excellent dispersal of pigments.
Polymax® Polymax® plating additives are used for wetting, anti-pitting, grain refinement, leveling and as a brightener in electroless and electrolytic plating baths.
Surmax® Surmax® alkaline-stable surfactants provide detergency and wetting properties and need no special hydrotropes or mixing procedures. They are easy to handle, easy to use and disperse easily into formulations at room temperature.
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