Chemeen® fatty amine ethoxylates are mildly cationic surfactants that are used as emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and to provide lubricity primarily to metalworking products and hard surface cleaners.




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Chemeen® C-10

Corrosion inhibitor, provides lubrication and emulsification for metalworking as well as anti-stat for hard surface cleaners.

  • 61791-14-8

Chemeen® T-5

Offers lubricity and emulsifying properties to metalworking products. Mild detergent and corrosion inhibitor in hard surface cleaners.

  • 61791‐26‐2

Chemeen® T-15 LF

Low foaming, water soluble amine for metalworking applications e.g. emulsification, corrosion inhibition and lubricity.

  • 68213-26-3