Chemstat® are a range of sulphonates which can be used within the CASE and plastics industry, to promote properties such as anti-static and anti-fogging to polymers before processing.




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Chemstat® G-118/52

Designed as an internal lubricant within polyolefins, styrenics and PVC. Acts as an anti-stat agent, internal mould release agent and a flow modifier.

  • 67701-33-1

Chemstat® G-118/9501

Amine and phenol free monostearate, has been designed for use in polymer systems requiring a surface coating (external) or in PVC-flexible and EPS applications as a processing aid (internal). Also provides anti-fog properties to the processed product.

  • 68990-53-4

Chemstat® PS-101

Biodegradable powder, can be used as a permanent internal antistatic agent which can be applied externally or incorporated into the polymer before processing (recommended). High thermal stability, unlimited shelf stability. Soluble in water, chlorinated hydrocarbons and isopropanol.

  • 68037-49-0