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With their silanol technology expertise and specialist knowledge of peptides, organic compounds and other molecules, Exsymol’s exciting range of high quality cosmetic actives ingredients have excellent efficacy data and are well suited to premium lines.

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Product Range Description
Albatin® Innovative and alternative inhibitor of melanogenesis
Algisium C® Organic silicium stabillized by alginic acid
Alistin® Photo-aging prevention
Arct’Alg® Natural extract of a polar red alga offering energetic strength
Ascorbosilane C® Potentialized Vit C with smart delivery silicium technology
Auxistim G® Skin's cells metabolic stimulation
Cafeisilane C® Potentialized caffeine with smart delivery silicium technology
Capillisil Haute Concentration® High concentration of silicium brought to deep layers of the skin (e.g. hair root)
D.S.B. C ® Potentialized salicylic acid with smart delivery silicium technology
D.S.H.C N® Skin restructuring active with excellent moisturizing properties, delivering intense and long lasting hydration.
Emulzome Oil-in-water nanodispersion
Entadine® Anti-photoaging active based on extract of tropical vine seeds & bark. Provides first defence against UV damage and keeps the skin's immune system healthy, reducing UV induced inflammation.
Epidermosil® Dermal filler, epidermal renewal
G.P.S.® Potentialized threalose with smart delivery silicium technology
Glistin® Neuro active-optimizing neuronal endings self-protection

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