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4Man Multifunctional active for male skin care.
Abyssinian Oil & derivatives Natural moisturisers and emollients
Accelerator 400 Accelerator 400 is used with epoxy hardeners to promote epoxy curing in amine systems. Accelerator 400 can be used with Huntsman JEFFAMINE® Polyetheramine range, but can also be used with most other amines.
ACCUMELT® and IGI® 2002A ACCUMELT® and IGI® 2002A waxes are used in ink applications as ink additives because they offer:

- Narrow molecular weight and sharp melting point
- Improved mar resistance
- Good release properties
- Helps with consistent colour in coloured inks
AcquaBio Skincare active for skin barrier restoration, long-lasting moisturisation, optimises dermal water-balance.
Activeshine Amazon 3R Natural sensory modifier for hair
Agen New anti-aging active which uses an epigenetic mechanism of action, and is composed of the synergistic combination of apple extract and supercritical ginger extract.
Albatin® Innovative and alternative inhibitor of melanogenesis
Alfares® Resin Kleen Alfares® Resin Kleen products have been designed for use in industrial cleaning applications; they can be used to remove partially cured and uncured resins from tools and spray equipment that have been used in epoxy, polyurethane and polyester applications.
Alfares® SL30 Alfares® SL30 is a biodegradable anionic surfactant offering excellent wetting and detergency whilst being environmentally friendly. Commonly used in metal working, homecare and industrial & institutional (I&I) applications.
Algisium C® Organic silicium stabillized by alginic acid
Alistin® Photo-aging prevention
Alkylalkanolamines Versatile, multi-functional molecules that combine the properties of amines and alcohols which can undergo reactions typical of both amines and alcohols, with the amine group usually exhibiting higher activity. Huntsman alkylalkanolamines primary applications include uses in the construction industry, such as cement additives.
Amines Used as accelerators, primarily in the construction industry in applications such as concrete and cement.
Anticor and Ferrocor Flash The Anticorand Ferrocor Flash are a range of additives which protect surfaces from corrosion. Includes anti-corrosives for aluminium, copper, magnesium, brass and ferrous surfaces.

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