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Following on from the legacy of DuPont, Chemours remains committed to key values which include integrity, strong customer relationships and environmental responsibility. Chemours employs just over 8,000 individuals across more than 130 countries. With shareholders remaining the same, the new company has a strong chemical background to expand from and grow. Chemours will be focused on three main technologies: Fluoroproducts such as Teflon (PTFE, PFA, FEP) and Tefzel (ETFE) products, Chemical Solutions and Titanium Dioxide based pigments and solutions.

Combining innovative products, technical expertise and industry-shaping chemistry in the fluoroproducts and chemical solutions markets, Chemours aims to respond to customer and market needs effectively, efficiently, and competitively. Leading experts for these technologies from DuPont will be continuing their innovative work with Chemours, ensuring that the technical support required is always available. 

Product Range Description
Capstone Fluorosurfactants Capstone Fluorosurfactants are fluorocarbon-based surfactants which are extremely effective even when used at extremely low concentrations (0.001% to 0.1%).

They enhance wetting, leveling, anti-cratering, dirt pick-up resistance and oil repellency in many applications including: paints, waxes, polishes, cleaners, films and adhesives. Work well when applied to stone, tile and paper substrates.
Capstone Impregnators and Sealers Capstone Penetrating Sealers protect a surface from water and oil-based stains by preventing penetration into the surface of the material. Recommended for use on stone, tile and paper substrates where Capstone Penetrating Sealers don’t alter the substrates appearance.
ECCtreme ECA Perfluoroplastic Resin ECCtreme ECA perfluoroplastic resins are engineered to withstand extreme applications which require properties that go beyond those of typical fluoroplastics. The development of this products comes as a response from an industrial desire for products which require high-temperature fluoroplastic resins for wires and cabling. ECCtreme ECA materials also have end use applications within extruding tubing, compression and injection moulded parts.
Teflon Dispersions Chemours Teflon dispersions provide products with chemical inertness, temperature stability, excellent dielectric properties, weather resistance and non-stick characteristics and can be processed using conventional dip or flow techniques to either coat or impregnate high temperature fabrics or fibres.

Teflon dispersions can be built up gradually during processing to produce a smooth, crack-free coating. Primarily PTFE dispersions, however PFA, FEP and micropowder grades are also available.
Teflon FEP Resin Teflon FEP resins are often used within the manufacturing of cables, tubing and piping which require excellent chemical and stress resistance, along with many other characteristics offered by PTFE products. They have a melt viscosity low enough to be processed by extrusion (conventional and melt) and by compression,transfer and injection or blow molding processes.
Teflon FFR Teflon Fluoroplastic foaming resins are innovative technology which reduces the dielectric constant of insulating cable, whilst still providing fast data transmission with minimal distortion, and allows manufacturers to produce lighter and smaller wires.

Successful use of Teflon FFR products ensures good adhesion of insulation to the copper wire, which in turn leads to improved return loss whilst also providing additional characteristics often associated with fluoropolymer products.
Teflon PFA Teflon PFA is a perfluoroalkoxy copolymer resin which provides superior creep resistance at high temperatures, very good flame resistance and excellent low-temperature toughness. Products manufactured with Teflon PFA resins provide improved resistance characteristics often associated with fluoropolymers.

General purpose resins have applications within tubing extrusion, however high purity grades are available for applications which require high-purity processes such as those within the pharmaceutical industries.
Teflon PTFE Products made with Chemours Teflon fluoropolymer resins have exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion and stress-cracking. The mechanical toughness, electrical, and low-friction properties of Teflon make it the preferred plastic for many applications and processing techniques.
Tefzel ETFE Tefzel ETFE products contain a range of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene copolymers (modified and unmodified) which have applications in products where general thermoplastics are lacking in mechanical properties. Products processed with Tefzel ETFE resins provide improved resistance characteristics often associated with fluoropolymers, along with improved mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance and impact strength.
Zonyl PTFE micropowders Zonyl MP fluoroadditives are white, free-flowing PTFE powders designed for use as additives in other materials or systems. They differ from Teflon PTFE fine powders because of the very small particle size, typically in the range of 2 to 20 µm, low molecular weight and the way they are handled and processed.

Zonyl MP fluoroadditives can provide non-stick properties, improved lubricity, better wear resistance and reinforcing properties.
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