Teflon™ Fluoroplastic foaming resins are innovative technology which reduces the dielectric constant of insulating cable, whilst still providing fast data transmission with minimal distortion, and allows manufacturers to produce lighter and smaller wires. Successful use of Teflon™ FFR products ensures good adhesion of insulation to the copper wire, which in turn leads to improved return loss whilst also providing additional characteristics often associated with fluoropolymer products.



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Teflon™ FFR 430

Provides improved foam cell structure due to its superior nucleant package. Best suited for larger plenum coax cables. Foamed insulation provides high-speed data transmission with minimal distortion, allows cable designers to reduce cable size and weight or utilise larger conductors to manufacture low-loss cables without the need of increased dielectric dimensions.

  • 25067-11-2

Teflon™ FFR 550

Used in nitrogen gas-injected foam extrusion processes to produce uniform foam cells. Reduces dielectric constant and provides cable designers with the opportunity to make smaller, lighter cables. Produces cables with high data transmission with minimal distortion and is ideal for producing coaxial cables of varying sizes.