Teflon™ PFA is a perfluoroalkoxy copolymer resin which provides superior creep resistance at high temperatures, very good flame resistance and excellent low-temperature toughness. Products manufactured with Teflon™ PFA resins provide improved resistance characteristics often associated with fluoropolymers. General purpose resins have applications within tubing extrusion, however high purity grades are available for applications which require high-purity processes such as those within the pharmaceutical industries.




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Teflon™ PFA 340

High melt strength, melt flow rate (typical MFR of 14) and thermal stability which can be used to improve processing rates in applications with a demanding end-use. Provides characteristics often associated with fluoropolymers, can be used in traditional extrusion and moulding processes.

  • 26655-00-5

Teflon™ PFA 350

Provides increased resistance to environmental stress-cracking with a relatively low flow rate and greatly increased flex life compared to other general purpose fluoroplastic resins. Used in extruded tubing which handle aggressive fluids at high pressures or as chemical lining for pipes.

  • 26655-00-5

Teflon™ PFA 440HPA

Special use premium resin with a relatively high melt flow rate (typical MFR of 16), designed to meet ultra-high purity requirements. Recommended when improved colour and lower extractable fluorides are required in hostile chemical environments. Typical applications include fluid handling components for critical uses such as within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, which require high-purity processes.

  • 26655-00-5

Teflon™ PFAD 335D

Dispersion grade used to coat or penetrate porous structures, can also make thin films. Chemically inert, can be melt bonded to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin or used as a hot melt adhesive. Provides high temperature stability, great weatherability, excellent dielectric and non-stick properties.

  • 26655-00-5