We offer an own-brand range of product solutions for industrial uses such as surfactants in Metalworking, CASE, Home-care and I&I applications under our ALFARES® brand. We can offer customised products to develop the right solution to fit our customer’s brief.

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      N-aminopropylmorpholine (APM) is a highly reactive, low viscosity amine that can be used as reactive diluent in epoxy products e.g. coatings and adhesives, depending on the functionality as a chain extender or cross-linking agent in resins and as an accelerator for slower curing amine containing systems.

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      Chemstat® are a range of sulphonates which can be used within the CASE and plastics industry, to promote properties such as anti-static and anti-fogging to polymers before processing.

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      Chromates based on Strontium, Barium and Zinc from SNCZ are high performance, cost-effective anticorrosive pigments offered to the paint and coatings industry.

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      Primarily used as reactive intermediates, due to their high reactivity they can form polymeric products, act as hydrophiles in surfactants, interact with metal ions and metal surfaces, be acid scavengers and be quarternised.

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      Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers (HALS) protect polymers by neutralising UV radiation. HALS are able to regenerate, allowing them to provide protection throughout the lifetime of the end product.

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      HECELLOSE® B Grades

      HECELLOSE® nonionic, water-soluble rheology modifier, which are manufactured from natural wood pulps or cotton linters. HECELLOSE® are designed to achieve optimum hydration time for multiple applications. HECELLOSE® B grades grades provide excellent anti-biodegradability that helps to block the attacks of enzymes in solution. HECELLOSE® B grades show excellent color acceptance and compatibility with color pigments and latex emulsion. HECELLOSE® provides excellent pigment distribution and stability of colorant. (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

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      HECELLOSE® HM Grades

      HECELLOSE® HM grades are Hydrophobically Modified and are ideal for use in Latex Paints. HECELLOSE® (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose) is nonionic, water-soluble rheology modifier, manufactured from natural wood pulps or cotton linters. HECELLOSE® is properly treated to achieve optimum hydration time for the application. (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

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