PolySurF™ are functional monomers and additives that are used for UV-curing and emulsion polymerisation. PolySurF™ can be used as adhesion promoters and polymerisable stabilisers. End uses include wet-scrub improvement of emulsions, adhesives, bonding agents, detergents and cleaners.



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PolySurF™ ACE

Non-phosphated UV-curing additive. Emulsion polymerisation. Improves wetting, adhesion and UV stability.

PolySurF™ HP

Solvent-free UV-curing additive and emulsion polymerisation stabilizer.

  • 32435-46-4

PolySurF™ HPL

UV-curing additive, halogen-free flame retardant and emulsion polymerisation stabiliser.

  • 84712-62-9