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Elementis Specialties

Elementis Specialties offers a range of natural, bio-functional and active ingredients for hair care, skin care and anti-aging formulations. Their Meadowfoam Seed Oil is the only cold-pressed and refined one available commercially,and can be used as a direct replacement for other hexane-extracted Meadowfoam Seed Oils, with the added advantage of being suitable for organic lines. The popular and versatile Abyssinian Oil has highly substantiated claims for skin moisturisation, hair softening and is an excellent alternative to Argan Oil.

Learn more by visiting the Elementis website, or browse our Product List below.

Elementis Specialties
Product Range Description
Abyssinian Oil & derivatives Natural moisturisers and emollients
Bentone Gel® range Bentone® clay based rheological modifiers offering enhanced pigment suspension, stability, viscosity and feel.
Bentone Hydroclay rheology modifiers Bentone® organoclays for thickening aqueous phase, enhanced emulsion stability, thermal stability, better suspension capacity, thixotropic flow and electrolyte tolerance.
Fancol® Polyiso® Full range of long chain aliphatic hydrocarbons
Fancor Meadowfoam Seed Oil & Derivatives Meadowfoam seed oil and derivatives are exceptionally stable and have the capability of retaining their functional activity under extreme conditions
Fancorsil® LIM Derivative of Meadowfoam Seed Oil with excellent hair repair ability
Meadowestolide® Derivative of Meadowfoam Seed Oil with excellent hair conditioning benefits
Rheoluxe® Associative Thickeners Non-ionic polymeric thickeners designed specifically for the personal care market.
Thixcin® R PC Rheological modifier for non-aqueous phase.
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