TRI-K Industries offers ingredients to cleanse, protect, nourish, and strengthen the hair, including film formers, gloss enhancers, proteins and intensive moisturising treatments.

For skincare they offer moisturisers, anti-inflammatories, anti-irritants, emulsifiers and more.

Their Hemp Tein Z NPNF® skincare & haircare active is a hydrolyzed protein from recycled Hemp seed biomass, and is packed full of protein, healthy fats, and other vital nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and iron.
With benefits for both hair & skin, this water-based active is COSMOS approved and suitable for Vegan formulations!
It contains zero CBD and THC, is non-GMO and sustainably sourced.

Haircare Actives

Haircare actives to address a multitude of consumer-driven needs such as frizz control, hydration, colour protection, cuticle smoothing, and increased manageability.

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Skincare Actives

A range of natural peptides, unique proteins, natural actives, and a variety of innovative skincare ingredients that deliver proven benefits and targeted results through innovation, superior ingredients, and a commitment to science.

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