Green Line™ offers a full cache of plant-based raw materials to help you build formulations that harness the power of nature.

Green Line™ has a range of ingredients, developed by formulators for formulators, to meet the ongoing performance and marketing needs of the natural customer - innovative active ingredients, high performance emulsifiers, natural antioxidants and multifunctional ingredients, along with our fully customisable botanical extracts platform.

Their NEW naturally anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant active, Inflamox™ Plus is a potent blend of Turmeric, Ginger and Rosemary extracts in Omega-rich Cranberry Oil, perfectly suited to self-care & wellness products.

Radigard™ range of natural antioxidants

Protect unstable actives! Many potent actives such as retinol, will oxidize and degrade when exposed to light and oxygen. A good retinol formula should come packed with other antioxidants that help protect the retinol. Rosemary extract is known to support UV protection, as well as active benefits for psoriasis and inflammation associated with acne. it is also credited with preventing lipid peroxidation of serum from bacteria and induced leakage through follicles and sebaceous glands. Radigard™ may be used at 0.5-2.5% final concentration for skin benefits, and 0.1-1.0% for stabilizing and protecting your formula.

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