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Centerchem, Inc.

Centerchem is a leading international supplier of high quality cosmetic active ingredients that significantly improve the look, feel, and condition of skin and hair. Their popular Aurasphere range delivers a unique blurring effect on the skin and can be used in all types of skincare, including around the eyes, for instant effects.

Centerchem, Inc.
Product Range Description
APT Marine derived active
Aurasphere Aurasphere wrinkle-blurring actives minimise the appearance of wrinkles and lines, providing a soft, comfortable film. Optically scatters light, veiling wrinkles.
Diocide Paraben-free preservative
Diowgel Speciality silicone gels
Organza Wrinkle blurring actives
Penstia Powder Polymer powders
Petalatum Petrolatum alternatives
Quench T PF Botanically derived actives
Stratagels Silicone gels for skincare
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