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Alchemy Ingredients

The Alchemy Ingredients range of functional cosmetic ingredients are a 100% natural alternative to existing emulsifiers and thickeners currently on the market. Based on sugar chemistry, these versatile ingredients are safe, mild and preservative-free.

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Alchemy Ingredients
Product Range Description
HIPEgel from Alchemy Ingredients HIPEgel Aqua and HIPEgel Oleo provide the formulator the ability to make cold process emulsions with a very high internal phase, >90%.
Sapogel Palm-free oil gelling agent
Sucrabase 100% natural, ready-to-use cosmetic gel bases
Sucrablend SP V2 100% natural ingredient designed to be used with Sucragel to improve high temperature stability
Sucraclear HC-31 100% natural water-gellant
Sucragel® 100% natural emulsifier and oil thickener based on sugar chemistry
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