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ADD APT Chemicals BV is an independent chemical company based in the Netherlands. ADD APT develop and manufacture high performance, primarily water-based, environmentally acceptable chemicals, thus providing innovative solutions for the coatings, adhesives, lubricants and food industries.

Product Range Description
Anticor and Ferrocor Flash The Anticorand Ferrocor Flash are a range of additives which protect surfaces from corrosion. Includes anti-corrosives for aluminium, copper, magnesium, brass and ferrous surfaces.
BioWet The BioWet range of biodegradable, non-ionic chemicals are wetting agents used for water-borne or water-based applications. These wetting agents offer reduced static and dynamic surface tensions, some also have FDA compliance for direct and indirect food contact.
Disp and Codis Disp and Codis are solvent-free dispersants and co-dispersants for pigment dispersants and fillers used primarily in coatings, inks and adhesives.
Foamstop Foamstops are a range of foam control agents that include water soluble, powdered and VOC-free products that can be used in many applications. For example; VOC-free emulsion systems based on PVAC and acrylics, curtain coatings, emulsion paints and water-based systems.
PEX PEX are a range of phosphate ester anionic surfactants used in metalworking products for corrosion inhibition of multi-metal protection, emulsification and extreme pressure (EP) additives for lubricating oils, rolling oils and metal cutting & grinding.
PolySurF PolySurF are functional monomers and additives that are used for UV-curing and emulsion polymerisation. PolySurF can be used as adhesion promoters and polymerisable stabilisers. End uses include wet-scrub improvement of emulsions, adhesives, bonding agents, detergents and cleaners.
Tac ADD APT Tac range of products are tackifiers used to improve the adhesion of oils and lubricants to reduce lubricant splashing. They can be used in metalworking fluids, rust preventatives, spindle oils and hydraulic fluids. Tac products should be added to the formulation at 30-50°C.
WaxMul ADD APT offer a variety of wax emulsions based on different waxes like carnauba, paraffin & polyethylene wax.

The applications depend on the wax type used. For example, carnauba based wax emulsions are excellent release aids, lubricants and scratch resistance additives, whereas paraffin and polyethylene wax emulsions are used for surface effects and water repellency.
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