LOTTE Fine Chemicals, established in South Korea in 1964, has continuously expanded and developed its business to include technology-intensive fine chemicals with added value with environmentally friendly benefits.

MECELLOSE® is environmentally friendly, naturally sourced (derived from wood or cotton) rheology modifier, created to provide Water Retention in cement renders, tile cements, gypsum plasters... Thickening in various building applications, Air Entrainning and Lubrication for ceramic & cement extrusion.

HECELLOSE® is environmentally friendly, naturally sourced (derived from wood or cotton) rheology modifier, created for paint, personal care, construction, oilfield and other niche applications. HECELLOSE® is designed to enhance Thickening, Workability, Moisturizing Effects, Surface Activity, Protective Colloids and Stability, ensuring a high quality final product.


HECELLOSE® nonionic, water-soluble rheology modifier, which are manufactured from natural wood pulps or cotton linters. HECELLOSE® are designed to achieve optimum hydration time for multiple applications. HECELLOSE® B grades grades provide excellent anti-biodegradability that helps to block the attacks of enzymes in solution. HECELLOSE® B grades show excellent color acceptance and compatibility with color pigments and latex emulsion. HECELLOSE® provides excellent pigment distribution and stability of colorant. (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

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HECELLOSE® EXT Grades are Eco-friendly material suitable for Oilfield applications. HECELLOSE® is used as a fluid loss and rheology control additive, especially water-based oil-well servicing fluids. HECELLOSE® has pseudoplastic and shear-thinning behaviors. Greatly enhancing the workability. HECELLOSE® EXT provide water retention (fluid loss control) which improves workability. While preventing the slurry pre-maturing and dehydrating. As well as offering High Thickening Efficiency, Easy Dissolving (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

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HECELLOSE® HM grades are Hydrophobically Modified and are ideal for use in Latex Paints. HECELLOSE® (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose) is nonionic, water-soluble rheology modifier, manufactured from natural wood pulps or cotton linters. HECELLOSE® is properly treated to achieve optimum hydration time for the application. (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

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HECELLOSE® P Grades are suitable for Personal Care applications. HECELLOSE® has great lubricating characteristics to enhances the flow and dispersion of products. In colloidal or suspension, HECELLOSE® can improve stability and reduce sedimentation. HECELLOSE® has a high tolerance for dissolved electrolytes and salts while remaining stable in various pH levels. HECELLOSE® shear thinning properties enable enhancement of the spread-ability on hair and skin. In solution, HECELLOSE® provides higher clarity by reducing haziness and fiber contents.

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MECELLOSE® FMC grades are a finely modified grade to improve the rheological properties in various applications, designed for additional thickening, good workability, less stickiness, long open time. Suitable for use in all drymix mortar applications. (HydroxyPropyl Methyl Cellulose)

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MECELLOSE® High Performance Grades

The MECELLOSE® HiEND grades have been designed to provide superior overall performance with Excellent Open Time and Perfect Slip Resistance for Tile Adhesives & EIFS/ETICS. (HydroxyPropyl Methyl Cellulose)

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MECELLOSE® PM grades are ideal multipurpose grades. Suitable for Drymix Mortar, Tile Adhesive, Plaster, Render, Ceramic Extrusion, Paint remover & Hand Gel applications. (HydroxyPropyl Methyl Cellulose)

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