Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers (HALS) protect polymers by neutralising UV radiation. HALS are able to regenerate, allowing them to provide protection throughout the lifetime of the end product.

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      Primary Antioxidants

      These products act as free radical scavengers and are used to protect the finished product from thermal degradation and oxidation, leading to long-term stability as it is able to extend product lifetime and aesthetics in their working environmental conditions. Metal Deactivators are available to be used when the polymer is in contact with metal ions (e.g. copper).

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      Teflon™ FEP Resin

      Teflon™ FEP resins are often used within the manufacturing of cables, tubing and piping which require excellent chemical and stress resistance, along with many other characteristics offered by PTFE products. They have a melt viscosity low enough to be processed by extrusion (conventional and melt) and by compression,transfer and injection or blow molding processes.

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      UV Absorbers

      This range provides protection by absorbing UV radiation, then dissipates it as thermal energy. UVAs can be used in combination with HALS to provide optimum protection of the product.

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      UV Blends

      Blends of UV stabilisers, tailored for specific applications or to customers' needs.

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