Blends of UV stabilisers, tailored for specific applications or to customers' needs.




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U-pack® UV-5151

Light stabiliser blend developed specifically for coatings. Can be used in a wide variety of clear and pigmented coating systems, based on water-bourne paint technology.

  • 104810-48-2 104810-47-1 25322-68-3 (67%) 41556-26-7 82919-37-7 (33%)

U-pack® UV-783

A synergistic mixture. It is a versatile UV stabiliser with outstanding extraction resistance, low gas fading and low pigment interaction. It is particularly well suited for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE films, tapes and thick sections, and for PP in fibres and films.

  • 70624-18-9 (40 - 60%) 65447-77-0 (40 - 60%)

U-pack® UV-7750W

An excellent UV absorber for wide range of waterborne coatings

U-pack® UV-7751W

A high-performance UVA/HALS blend for industrial and decorative waterborne applications.

U-pack® UV-7752W

An excellent general purpose Hindered Amine Light stabilizer (HALS) for waterborne coatings.