Chemal® surfactants can be used in a variety of applications including metalworking, metal cleaning and homecare, industrial & institutional (I&I).

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      Chemax® surfactants are used in a many applications including metalworking, plastic, textile and homecare, industrial & institutional (I&I) products. Chemax® NP-6 also has applications within the construction market as an emulsifier, foaming and wetting agent.

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      HECELLOSE® B Grades

      HECELLOSE® nonionic, water-soluble rheology modifier, which are manufactured from natural wood pulps or cotton linters. HECELLOSE® are designed to achieve optimum hydration time for multiple applications. HECELLOSE® B grades grades provide excellent anti-biodegradability that helps to block the attacks of enzymes in solution. HECELLOSE® B grades show excellent color acceptance and compatibility with color pigments and latex emulsion. HECELLOSE® provides excellent pigment distribution and stability of colorant. (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

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      HECELLOSE® HM Grades

      HECELLOSE® HM grades are Hydrophobically Modified and are ideal for use in Latex Paints. HECELLOSE® (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose) is nonionic, water-soluble rheology modifier, manufactured from natural wood pulps or cotton linters. HECELLOSE® is properly treated to achieve optimum hydration time for the application. (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

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      Kester Wax

      Can be used in CASE, Home Care I&I, Metalwork and Lubricant applications as an industrial wax. Koster Keunen waxes can provide products with excellent aesthetic, block and slip properties as well as improved water, oil and abrasion resistance. Included in the range are beeswaxes (natural and synthetic) and a vegetable wax. Also has personal care applications.

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      MECELLOSE® PM grades

      MECELLOSE® PM grades are ideal multipurpose grades. Suitable for Drymix Mortar, Tile Adhesive, Plaster, Render, Ceramic Extrusion, Paint remover & Hand Gel applications. (HydroxyPropyl Methyl Cellulose)

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      Morpholine and DIGLYCOLAMINE® Agent

      Used in the CASE, Metalworking and Homecare markets as an emulsifier and wetting agent; Morpholine also acts as an excellent corrosion inhibitor, especially in steam boiler systems. Has applications within water treatment as it is miscible with water as well as a large range of other organic solvents. DIGLYCOLAMINE® Agent is a 2-(2-aminoethoxy) ethanol which is used as a foam stabilizer, wetter, emulsifier and an amide in metalworking, personal care and electronics.

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      PolySurF™ are functional monomers and additives that are used for UV-curing and emulsion polymerisation. PolySurF™ can be used as adhesion promoters and polymerisable stabilisers. End uses include wet-scrub improvement of emulsions, adhesives, bonding agents, detergents and cleaners.

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      We offer environmentally-aware solvent systems for industrial cleaning applications under our RESIN KLEEN™ range. These products have high solvency, low VOC and are readily biodegradable, offering a great alternative to conventional and harmful solvents such as methylene chloride and acetone.

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