STEPANPOL® Polyester Polyols

      Stepan® offer a wide range of aliphatic and aromatic polyester polyols for the coatings, adhesive, sealant and elastomer market. Stepan® also offer a custom manufacture service for polyester polyols.

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      SUPRASEC® MDI and MDI-based Prepolymer

      SUPRASEC® MDI is a high performance raw material with applications across a variety of markets including wood-care, textile and leather, plastics, marine/offshore, electrical, aircraft, automotive and construction. Cost effectiveness, versatility, ease of use and superior physical properties make SUPRASEC® MDI an ideal product for use in adhesive, coating and elastomer applications.

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      Unilink® and Clearlink®

      Dorf Ketal Unilink® and Clearlink® aromatic diamines have been developed for use as chain extenders for polyurethane elastomers. Some of the Unilink® range can be used as mercury replacement catalysts.

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      UV Absorbers

      This range provides protection by absorbing UV radiation, then dissipates it as thermal energy. UVAs can be used in combination with HALS to provide optimum protection of the product.

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      UV Blends

      Blends of UV stabilisers, tailored for specific applications or to customers' needs.

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      Zonyl™ PTFE Micropowders

      Zonyl™ MP fluoroadditives are white, free-flowing PTFE powders designed for use as additives in other materials or systems. They differ from Teflon™ PTFE fine powders because of the very small particle size, typically in the range of 2 to 20 µm, low molecular weight and the way they are handled and processed. Zonyl™ MP fluoroadditives can provide non-stick properties, improved lubricity, better wear resistance and reinforcing properties.

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