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Since 1880, the Gattefossé name has been associated with expertise in the areas of lipochemistry and biological extraction. Through continued collaboration with the international scientific and industrial communities, they are a leader in the development of innovative texture modifiers for the cosmetics industry and in the development and manufacture of lipid based pharmaceutical excipients for Pharmceutical use. Gattefossé have extensive knowledge of formulation and processing techniques that can be used with lipid excipients.

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Product Range Description
Emulium® Emulsifiers Range of sensorial emulsifiers
Gattefossé texturizing agents Functional ingredients to add texture to your cosmetics formulations
Gatuline® anti-aging actives Range of highly substantiated actives for anti-aging in skincare formulations
Gatuline® soothing and calming actives Highly substantiated active ingredients with soothing and calming properties
Mineral Matters active stone extracts Active mineral extracts
Original Extracts 100% natural vegetal waters 100% natural vegetal water extracted by flash distillation
Sebo-regulating actives Sebo-regulating actives
Solubilizers & Dispersers Solubilizers & Dispersers for cosmetic formulations
Under-eye active Natural under-eye active
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