BergaSom sunflower lecithin

        A range of high-quality sunflower derived lecithin fractions. They are used in the manufacture of liposomes, nanoemulsions, oleogels and formulations that are physiologically related to the skin, for cosmetic and dermatological products.

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        Cosmetic Fluid Range

        A variety of silicone blends that are suitable for use in haircare, skincare and intimate care applications. They're non-greasy and can help improve spreadability and play time, whilst enhancing silkiness and overall skin feel.

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        Gelaid® Silicone Gelling Agents

        Silicone compounds formulated specifically for use in refractive index products and silicone gels. GELAID® fluids can be formulated into clear to translucent gels for a wide variety of applications.

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        Speciality wax blends which are made from natural and synthetic materials. They can add many different benefits to a variety of Personal Care formulations, for example increased plasticity, improved pay off and stability, oil gelling and enhanced sensorial aspects.

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