13th December 2023

Scutaline is Exsymol’s Anti-'zombie' cell active with inflamm'aging activity!


Extracted from the roots of Scutellaria baicalensis, a plant native to China, widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The roots of the adaptogenic plant Scutellaria baicalensis are rich in polyphenols. EXSYMOL has identified two that are of great interest in preventing and limiting senescence: wogonin and baicalein.


Scutaline controls exposome toxic forms and production of inflammatory mediators for a rapid resolution of the inflammation and relief for sensitive skin.


As we age, the skin accumulates senescent cells (zombie cells). The exposome accelerates their accumulation by overwhelming macrophages. Macrophages are inactivated and senescent cells add up because they cannot be removed by natural senolysis. This results in premature aging.

Scutaline delays senescence occurrence by maintaining skin’s natural defence. It helps fight senescence propagation and restores the expression of genes involved in collagen and HA production.


  • Use level: 1– 2%
  • pH ≈ 4.0-5.5
  • Density at 20°C ≈ 1.06
  • Miscibility: water, alcohol, glycol
  • Appearance: clear to slightly opalescent liquid,
  • yellow-green to red-orange
  • Excellent tolerance
  • Cold and hot processable

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