28th November 2023

Introducing our newest principal Nordic Mushrooms!

Nordic Mushrooms produces 100% organic, fully grown functional mushroom extracts. Their mushrooms are grown in Finland, the land with the cleanest waters and purest air according to UNESCO.

Nordic Mushrooms’ fungi strains are carefully selected to grow mushrooms which yield the greatest amounts of the compounds of interest. Their Mushrooms come with their own ‘Nordic Mushrooms certificate’ which represents premium quality, transparency and traceability.

Organic Mushroom Extracts in Glycerin™

KÄÄPÄ Biotech controls the whole supply chain from spore to extract. In their certified production facility they extract the mushrooms’ Compounds of Interest using the industry-leading Ultrasonic-assisted extraction method. Extraction of the compounds of interest is essential for optimal bioavailability. Their easy-to-formulate Glycerin Extracts have a range of benefits for skin including: anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, increased elasticity & collagen production.

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It’s no wonder these superfoods have amazing benefits for the skin too! Mushrooms contain powerful antioxidant properties which means they help protect the skin barrier, improve redness and irritation, and have wound-healing efficacy, all whilst hydrating the skin.