A range of functional materials suitable for use in a wide variety of homecare, I&I applications


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VipyDone™ T AVP-Series

VipyDone™ T AVP series are substantive, film-formers delivering wear and water-resistance and moisture barrier properties. AVP 16 is liquid at room temperature, AVP 20 melts slightly above body temperature, and AVP 30 is firm textured and used in solid formats. All three grades are hydrophobic and insoluble in water.

  • AVP

VipyDone™ T VA-Series

VipyDone™ T VA-Series are readily soluble in water and other polar solvents. They form hydrophilic, transparent, flexible, thermoplastic, oxygen-permeable films which adhere to many different surfaces. The adhesive strength increases with VP content and cohesive strength increases with VA content.

  • VA-Series

VipyDone™ T K-Series

VipyDone™ T K-Series are a series of polymers covering a range of viscosities supplied as either powders or in aqueous solution. They are readily soluble in polar solvents and form hard, glossy, clear & oxygen permeable films. They can be used as an effective tablet binder due to their strong adhesive properties. The K-Series are compatible with most organic salts surfactants & other films formers.

  • K-Series

VipyDone™ T HEC

VipyDone™ T HEC is a non-ionic, water-soluble polymer supplied as a white, free-flowing granular powder. The viscosity achieved is dependent on concentration and is not significantly affected by pH, salts, hydrophobic interactions etc. VipyDone™ T HEC is easily dissolved in cold or hot water to give crystal-clear solutions.

  • HEC

VipyDone™ T FD Polymers

VipyDone™ T FD Polymers are highly efficient anionic thickeners based on hydrophobically modified cross-linked acrylic acid., they offer self-wetting, without mixing they disperse rapidly in water and polar solvents. VipyDone™ T FD Polymers offer rapid wetting and swelling time without need for high shear mixing.

  • FD Polymers

VipyDone™ T Carbomers

VipyDone™ T Carbomers are highly efficient anionic thickeners based on crosslinked acrylic acid suitable for multiple applications. They are high molecular weight acrylic acid polymers that do not dissolve but disperse and swell in water and polar solvents.

  • Carbomers