Rianlon is a major manufacturer of anti-aging additives and application technologies for polymeric materials. Products include antioxidants (RIANOX®), light stabilizers(RIASORB®), and U-pack® grades which are anti-aging solutions, with enhanced safety, health and environmental profiles. Rianlon materials are widely used in automotive parts, coatings, construction materials, packaging, electronics, rubber, lubricants and other industries. Rianlon offer one of the most comprehensive selection of anti-aging additives to the most challenging applications; through self-innovation, institute collaboration and customer cooperation Rianlon are able to consistently expand production capacity and provide new products and application technologies every year.

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A light stabiliser belonging to the benzotriazole class of UVAs. Is especially suited for polyolefins and cold-cured polyesters. Has a wide range of indirect food approvals in polyolefins.

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