Primarily used as reactive intermediates, due to their high reactivity they can form polymeric products, act as hydrophiles in surfactants, interact with metal ions and metal surfaces, be acid scavengers and be quarternised.

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      HECELLOSE® EXT Grades

      Eco-friendly materials suitable for Oilfield applications. Used as a fluid loss and rheology control additive, especially water-based oil-well servicing fluids. HECELLOSE® EXT grades improve workability by providing pseudoplastic and shear-thinning behaviours and increased water retention (fluid loss control). They can also prevent the slurry pre-maturing and dehydrating, in addition to offering high thickening efficiency and easy dissolving.

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      The ROKAmer® product line represents a group of non-ionic surfactants of the EO/PO block copolymers. Most of the ROKAmer® products are block copolymers in which the central polypropylene glycol group is flanked by two polyethylene glycol groups. Block copolymers are multipurpose products used in a variety of applications where antifoaming, dispersing and wetting properties are needed. Applications include detergents, I&I applications, rinse aids, hard surface cleaners, metal cleaners paints and coatings, water treatment and others.

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      ROKAnol® series

      The ROKAnol® range is comprised of a wide variety of non-ionic surfactants that are ethylene and propylene oxide adducts to various types of alcohols.

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