N-aminopropylmorpholine (APM) is a highly reactive, low viscosity amine that can be used as reactive diluent in epoxy products e.g. coatings and adhesives, depending on the functionality as a chain extender or cross-linking agent in resins and as an accelerator for slower curing amine containing systems.

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      Rokopol® Polyether Polyols

      The Rokopol® range consists of various polyether polyols used in a variety of applications including elastomer systems, adhesives, coatings, rigid foam, PUR systems and product of OCF foams, production of hydraulic fluids and many more.

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      STRUKSILON Polyurethane Catalysts and Additives

      STRUKSILON range of polyurethane catalysts and additives are used in the production of polyurethanes and control crosslinking and blowing reaction. Struksilon range of polyurethane catalysts and additives complement the Struksilon silicone stabilisers for polyurethane range and can be used in combination to achieve the perfect foam.

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