Liquid & dried hydrotropes, based on sulfonate chemistry. Hydrotropes have synergistic effects when used with other surfactants. Useful as compatibilisers in the Polymer, Paints, Coatings and Fragrances industries, as well as for pharmaceutical applications.

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      JEFFCAT® Catalysts

      JEFFCAT® catalysts are used for a wide range of urethane applications including manufacture of polyether and polyester foams, elastomers, coatings, urethane plastics and adhesives.

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      STRUKSILON Polyurethane Catalysts and Additives

      STRUKSILON range of polyurethane catalysts and additives are used in the production of polyurethanes and control crosslinking and blowing reaction. Struksilon range of polyurethane catalysts and additives complement the Struksilon silicone stabilisers for polyurethane range and can be used in combination to achieve the perfect foam.

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      Unilink® and Clearlink®

      Dorf Ketal Unilink® and Clearlink® aromatic diamines have been developed for use as chain extenders for polyurethane elastomers. Some of the Unilink® range can be used as mercury replacement catalysts.

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