We offer an own-brand range of product solutions for industrial uses such as surfactants in Metalworking, CASE, Home-care and I&I applications under our ALFARES® brand. We can offer customised products to develop the right solution to fit our customer’s brief.

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      CODIS™ co-dispersants & neutralising agents

      Cost-effective neutralizing agents and co-dispersants for coatings, lacquers, adhesives and inks. Free of environmental hazard labels and with low odour and VOC content, CODIS™ products are excellent replacements for AMP-95 or Ammonia.

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      Water-based repulpable and recyclable line of products, designed to enhance barrier properties, modify slip and abrasion resistance of paper and paperboard packaging.

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      Foamstops are a range of foam control agents that include water soluble, powdered and VOC-free products that can be used in many applications. For example; VOC-free emulsion systems based on PVAC and acrylics, curtain coatings, emulsion paints and water-based systems.

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      HECELLOSE® B Grades

      HECELLOSE® B grades provide excellent anti-biodegradability that helps to block the attacks of enzymes in solution. HECELLOSE® B grades show excellent colour acceptance and compatibility with colour pigments and latex emulsion. HECELLOSE® provides excellent pigment distribution and stability of colorant. (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

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      HECELLOSE® EXT Grades

      Eco-friendly materials suitable for Oilfield applications. Used as a fluid loss and rheology control additive, especially water-based oil-well servicing fluids. HECELLOSE® EXT grades improve workability by providing pseudoplastic and shear-thinning behaviours and increased water retention (fluid loss control). They can also prevent the slurry pre-maturing and dehydrating, in addition to offering high thickening efficiency and easy dissolving.

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      MECELLOSE® FMC Grades

      MECELLOSE® FMC grades are a finely modified grade to improve the rheological properties in various applications, designed for additional thickening, good workability, less stickiness, long open time. Suitable for use in all drymix mortar applications. (HydroxyPropyl Methyl Cellulose)

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