ADDISP™ and CODIS™

      ADDISP™ and CODIS™ are solvent-free dispersants and co-dispersants for pigment dispersants and fillers used primarily in coatings, inks and adhesives.

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      Used as accelerators, primarily in the construction industry in applications such as concrete and cement.

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      Dehscofix® surfactants for industrial applications primarily construction, paints, inks and emulsion polymerisation. Surfactants act as intermediates, essential to creating specialised end-use properties e.g. in cement as a superplasticiser or air entraining agent.

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      Foamstops are a range of foam control agents that include water soluble, powdered and VOC-free products that can be used in many applications. For example; VOC-free emulsion systems based on PVAC and acrylics, curtain coatings, emulsion paints and water-based systems.

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