We offer IGI Wax’s Wax Blends for flexible packaging, corrugated packaging and folding cartons. Paraffin waxes and paraffin-based wax blends are natural, mineral waxes from petroleum that are colourless, non-reactive, non-toxic, biodegradable and compostable products.




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Corrugated Waxes

Paraffin wax is the main wax used in corrugated packaging and the main application is for food packaging, plant packaging and furniture packaging. Corrugated boxes protected with waxes are three times stronger than non-wax coated corrugated boxes. Corrugated waxes offer effective moisture barrier to protect the corrugated box or the product inside, improved stacking and dry strength and improved appearance.

IGI® Wax Flexible Packaging Waxes

Paraffin and paraffin blends are used to provide gloss, freshness seals, moisture and grease barriers to food packaging. The key benefits of using waxes are water and water vapour resistance, gas and odour barrier (prevent loss of flavour or contamination), improved process efficiency. Food grade waxes also available. Can be blended with other additives to improve heat sealability, gloss, block, friction and scuff