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Capstone™ FS-30

General purpose water-soluble fluorosurfactant, meets Ultimate biodegradability regulations 648/2004/EC. Used as wetters in water-based adhesives, cleaners and anti-fog additives in plastic films.

Capstone™ FS-61

VOC-free water-soluble fluorosurfactant. Used in inks for wetting and leveling without interfering with pigments and dyes. Anti-block to reduce transfer to other sheets, also as an anti-stat, release aid and to improve printability in films.

Capstone™ FS-63

Fremragende befugtningsmiddel for maling, træ belægninger og gulv voks. Anvendes i trykfarver til befugtning og nivellering uden at blande sig med pigmenter og farvestoffer. Anti-blok for at reducere overførsel til andre ark.

Capstone™ FS-65

VOC-free, water-soluble fluorosurfactant that provides good stability and reduces surface tension. Provides good wetting and leveling in floor finishes, waxes, polishes, cleaning products and water-based inks and paints.

Capstone™ FS-81

Provides oil repellency to flat paints and waterbourne coatings, can be reapplied or layered without negative effect on overall water repellency. Wetting agent in water based and polar solvent coatings and inks.

Capstone™ FS-93

Ammonia and APEO-free fluorosurfactant. Uses in architectural coatings, industrial finishes, floor care formulations and wood coatings as and alternative to surfacts containing APEO's. Provides anti-blocking, wetting, water and oil repellency, and improved levelling.

Capstone™ FS-3100

Non-flamable, VOC & APEO free. Contains no solvent, used in solvent-based coatings to reduce imperfections like cratering and as a wetting & leveling agent. Provides coatings weatherability, soil resistance and UV stability. Internal lubricant and anti-fogging agent for polymers.