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ALFARES ™ ECH, Ethylcyclohexane, is a colourless solvent widely used as a cleaning solvent & general solvent in the electronics industry. ALFARES ™ ECH is used as an alternative to more toxic aromatic solvents such as toluene. ALFARES ™ ECH is very versatile, being utilised in a wide range of applications including Coatings, Dyes, Fats, Inks, Oils, Paints, Rubbers, Varnishes and Waxes ALFARES ™ ECH can be used as an organic monomer precursor in organic and inorganic synthesis of thin hybrid polymer films through the process of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. As well as a purification solvent in the synthesis in pharmaceutical and agrochemical actives. ALFARES ™ ECH is suitable for use as an inert entraining solvent for azeotropic dewatering as well as a solvent for polymerisation reactions for extractive purposes.

  • 1678-91-7