9th August 2018

Stepan®'s STEPANPOL® PS-3152 & STEPANPOL® T-327 Offer Excellent Mechanical Features for Polyurethane Foams

From Stepan®, STEPANPOL® PS-3152 is a diethylene glycol-phthalic anhydride-based polyester polyol, which can be used in low to high density, pour in place, spray, and packaging polyurethane foams. STEPANPOL® PS-3152 can also be used in urethane coatings, adhesives and sealants.

STEPANPOL® PS-3152 exhibits excellent resistance to hydrolysis, very good thermal stability and primary hydroxyl advantage. STEPANPOL® PS-3152 may improve solvent resistance and abrasion resistance. For ease of blending, STEPANPOL® PS-3152 has low viscosity and high aromatic content. STEPANPOL® T-327 can be used for production rigid polyurethane foam for continuous and discontinuous lamination, spray foam insulation and moulded foams. Like STEPANPOL® PS-3152, STEPANPOL® T-327 may also be used in formulating adhesives. Utilising STEPANPOL® T-327 gives foam with very good mechanical features, including improved adhesion and surface curing.

STEPANPOL® T-327 is branched medium aromaticity modified polyester polyol. The recycle content of this polyol can form an important contribution to the overall environmental footprint of the end product. STEPANPOL® PS-3152 TDS



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