5th December 2018

NEW from Innospec, Dehscofix® PB-18 is a branched chain non-phthalate monobenzoate ester that is used as a plasticiser in a variety of polymer applications such as paints and coatings.

When used in adhesives or inks, Dehscofix® PB-18 can be utilised as a coalescing agent, assisting the film formation process of latex resins. Dehscofix® PB-18 can also be used in metalworking, metal cleaning and within industrial formulations of lubricant additives, lubricants and greases as a useful replacement for other common solvents such as xylene and toluene.

Dehscofix® PB-23 is a versatile polar plasticiser, soluble in aromatic esters and mineral oils which allows for faster fusing capabilities versus other, general purpose plasticisers. Dehscofix® PB-23 has high migration resistance and can be utilised in a wide range of polar polymers and rubbers such as polyamides. Dehscofix® PB-23 is an excellent choice for high solvating plasticiser applications such as latex caulks, adhesive, coatings and vinyl plastisols.