28th October 2020

STEPAN® specializes in providing polyester polyols for the polyurethane coatings market while offering world class polyester technical support. STEPAN® offers a broad range of aliphatic and aromatic polyesters ideal for use in Automotive trim, Resin Flooring, Wind Energy, Resin bound aggregate, Coil and ACE coatings. STEPAN® is dedicated to innovation in the polyurethane coatings market with the continuous addition of new products

Coatings, Flooring & Inks

Applications: Resin Flooring and Exterior Surfacing. Industrial, Marine, Protective, and Maintenance. Automotive, Refinish, Coil, ACE. Wood, Concrete. Furniture, Textiles.

If you are developing a Polyurethane Topcoat, Polyester Polyols can offer a good alternative for Acrylic Polyol formulations, perfect if you are looking to formulate good weathering resistance combined with excellent mechanical and abrasion resistance. Providing Tough, durable and flexible coatings even at low temperature while providing low hydrolytic stability.

STEPANPOL® PC-5130-160 - Standard grade for Flooring & Exterior Surfacing

STEPANPOL® DPR 5165-47 - Standard grade for Flooring & Exterior Surfacing

STEPANPOL® PC-5220-160 - Non-yellowing grade for exterior surfacing.

STEPANPOL® PC-6020-320 - Protective Topcoat, Co-binder for flexibility with Low viscosity.

STEPANPOL® PC-5220-160 - Soft touch interior Protective Topcoat

STEPAN® also have developed their NEW STEPANPOL® HFLV technology, STEPANPOL® PC-6010-320 and STEPANPOL® PC-6020-320 are 100% solids, low viscosity, aliphatic polyester polyols, specifically created for industrial coating, and flooring applications.

STEPANPOL® PC-6010-320 and STEPANPOL® PC-6020-320 are compatible with a wide variety of coating resins. Because of their low viscosity at 100% solids, they can easily be formulated into coatings with VOCs of less than 100 g/L without the use of diluents.

These resins produce ultra-high solids, low VOC, tough urethane coatings, with very good hardness and chemical resistance. If you need to formulate excellent abrasion and UV resistance combined with great adhesion to multiple substrate (including some plastics) STEPAN®’s HFLV technology will be ideal.

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Resin Bonded Exterior Surfacing

STEPAN® have developed a NEW grade, STEPANPOL® PC-5220-160, for the Resin bonded market. Specifically designed to have the same OH value, viscosity, and functionality as their standard STEPANPOL® PC-5130-160. Allowing a one-for-one replacement with no change to mix ratio. However unlike all standard grades it will not yellow or age with exterior use.

STEPAN® studies have shown that the discoloration of standard castor oil based binder is perhaps a result of thermal yellowing rather than UV light, this will cause a problem if you have Resin Bound customers in warmer climates.

Standard Castor oil based binders also have unstable mechanical properties which have been shown to increase over time, creating an inconsistently harder, stiffer and rigid coating over time. STEPANPOL® PC-5220-160 has been developed to provide stable properties, which will enable your formulation to provide a stable elastic, flexible and durable coating.

The elastic and flexible nature of STEPANPOL® PC-5220-160 allows for a resin bound coating that is less susceptible for substrate movement, freeze/thaw dimensional changes and wheel torque stress.

STEPANPOL® PC-5220-160 has been developed to have a lower reactivity than the standard castor oil to provides greater pot life and working time for the end user.

STEPAN® have developed a NEW Pigment Paste Carrier Polyol. STEPANPOL® DPR 5243-08 is High Pigment loading reactive carrier polyol ideal for Pigment pastes for Polyurethane CASE formulations and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) extrusion.

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Green Technology

Green technology is an important aspect of development for STEPAN®. Utilising Recycled PET & Bio-sustainable content in their production and developing Bio-degradable polyols to create a more sustainable portfolio. STEPAN® are well established up to create bespoke polyesters to match your end sustainability goals.

STEPANPOL® PC-5130-16 - 80% Castor Oil

STEPANPOL® BC-180 - 50% Castor Oil

STEPANPOL® T-401 - 25% Recycled PET

STEPANPOL® T-327 - 25% Recycled PET

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STEPANPOL® Polyester Polyols

Stepan® offer a wide range of aliphatic and aromatic polyester polyols for the coatings, adhesive, sealant and elastomer market. Stepan® also offer a custom manufacture service for polyester polyols.

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