5th June 2018

Achieve tough, flexible and water resistant coatings with STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 new from Stepan®. STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 is a new solvent free branched polyester polyol.

STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 can be combined with other polyester polyols to encourage cross-linkage, providing formulators with an array of possibilities when choosing what physical properties they want their final coating to attain.

STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 is a new solvent free, branched polyester polyol recently developed by Stepan®. STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 can be used in combination with other polyester polyols to create coatings with a range of mechanical properties.

STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 stoichiometrically cross-linked with polymeric aromatic MDI forms polymers with very high mechanical properties like tensile strength, elongation at break and tear resistance with good working time. Depending on the formulation and isocyanate, STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160 can be used to formulate two component coatings, concrete floorings, primers and adhesives.

For many coatings, a degree of flexibility is required. With STEPANPOL®PC-5130-160, formulators can achieve tough coatings which still retain flex ensuring that the final coating retains its integrity when under stress.

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